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Being a appointing manager for over 20 years I was the recipient of many promises of “added value”, “commercial insight” and “recruitment partnership” from my suppliers but I always felt that recruitment businesses had their own objectives are the centre of their working practices which resulted in hours of frustrating interactions with ill informed candidates.

In 2013 I decided to do something about this – to develop a service that would engage as a peer with clients, understanding their needs as an experienced commercial partner, offer solutions, alternatives and insight before embarking on screening the available ( and unavailable) talent pool to find candidates who would be excited, focused and capable of making a real and lasting difference to the client.

We have decided to focus our service on a network of clients and candidates where our industry and sector experience is a clear differentiator and where we can draw on real life experience to understand the pressures, challenges and outcomes associated with success. Essentially we only recruit for roles we have performed individually or have been part of the appointing team.

We have named the business CORx People to signpost a recruitment provision in Commercial Operations in Healthcare (Rx).

Commercial Operations is our collective term for Sales, Marketing and Market Access together with aligned specialist functions that interact with the core commercial function such as Business Analytics, Learning and Development, Procurement, Supply Chain and HR.

We have a consistent focus on quality and restrict our activities to quality clients and quality candidates thus continuing to learn from our network and recirculating best practice and cutting edge approaches.

We actively encourage associations with other non competing suppliers as we find this a source of market intelligence and personal recommendation that is difficult to match.

We additionally are actively involved with industry forums and attend healthcare meetings to ensure we continue to keep our knowledge, and therefore our advice current, relevant and valuable.

Paul Maddock

Founder and Managing Director

CORx People Ltd